I am a Mom of That Kid

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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mom of that kid

I am a Mom to That Kid.  The kid whose behavior can be so extreme that I completely understand that other parents would not want their children around my child.   While having a child with these special needs can feel isolating, I want to thank those who have made my family feel welcomed.  Our child who some might label as a negative influence.

Thank you to one of my mama friends who kept coming over to play with us even after my child whacked her smaller child across the face with a stick.

In thanks, to my neighbors who refused compensation when my child permanently broke a door off their Little Tykes playground, and a few weeks later this neighbor donated the playground to our family.

I am grateful to the mom of two small children who didn't run away from the playground when my child started screaming bad words.  I apologized to her for my child's behavior.  She complimented my handling of it and invited me to join a play group.

In gratitude to my church community for always including this child in all programs.  Thank you to my former minister who came to our pew during communion to personally deliver the sacraments. I was unable to go to the alter because I was in the midst of handling my child's temper tantrum in the middle of church service.

Appreciative of my child's yoga teacher who created a smaller class size because my child didn't cope well in a larger class. This smaller class has allowed my child to succeed in a group setting while still getting the benefits of yoga.

Thankful for the non judgmental mother at the splash pad who came over to offer assistance during one of my child's extreme meltdowns that included throwing large stones.  Just her presence reduced my stress which had an immediate calming effect on my child.

My heart pours out in joy and gratitude to those who have continued loving and supporting us because they know that my child is not defined by the hard moments.   My child is worth getting to know. While it can be hard sometimes, my child is full of play and laughter to share with other children.  My child needs friendship not pity.

By including my child, you are giving my child a gift.  A gift of community.  My belief is that my child continues to grow and learn more when accepted.

Excluding children with negative behavior doesn't allow them to learn pro social behaviors from their typically developing peers and adult role models in the community.  How can you reach out to these children and their families to help them feel included?

Growing up to Love Nature

Saturday, October 19, 2013

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love nature

I hope my children are developing a love of the natural world.

Picture Perfect Instagram Family

Saturday, October 5, 2013

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If you view my life through The Golden Gleam's Instagram feed, it looks like we are playfully energetic and creative family who loves spending time together.  It's an accurate portrayal of our family - most of the time.

But there are the phases and moments in our life that are not picture perfect.

These times don't end up on Instagram.

Pictures such as my daughters' picking flowers in a field of clover are featured.


Ordinary Rituals with Children

Sunday, September 29, 2013

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protect our children

Every single trip to the grocery store, the twins are eager to see the monster.

They wave and say hello to the monster.

Mud Pie Kitchen

Friday, September 27, 2013

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messy play

Usually, I don't do a lot to facilitate my kids' outdoor play.  My kids use the materials in our yard to create their own play.

Recently, they have been busy with what they call their kitchen or science experiments.  It's their self made mud pie kitchen.

Love Isn't a Competition Between Mothers

Sunday, September 22, 2013

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mother wars

"Why does she even have kids if they are going to be in daycare all day?"


"I love spending time with my children, and that's why I homeschool.  They are only young once."

Comments similar to these are not uncommon if you ever frequent internet sites populated mostly by stay at home mothers or homeschoolers.

Honest Moms

Monday, September 16, 2013

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mommy bloggers

Moms who blog are often accused of being too perfect or pretending to be so.

What is portrayed on a mommy blog is a small portion of a mother's life.