Nature Ornament #3 - Sparkly Shell

Thursday, December 8, 2011

This sparkly shell is the third of five ornaments in the Nature Ornaments series showing you how to make ornaments from natural treasures and common materials found in your home. All of these crafts can be done with your child.  The first two tutorials were an Acorn Santa and a Twig and Berry Ornament

-glitter paint or glitter glue
-letter stamps (optional)
-pipe cleaners, ribbon, or string
-beads (optional)
-glue gun or liquid glue

1. Collect shells. We always bring home shells from trips to the beach, and have an enormous collection.  If you don't have any shells at home, ask a friend if she will give you some shells or craft stores sell them.
2. Paint shell with glitter paint.  If you have letter stamps, dip the stamps in the paint and press them onto the shell.  Childhood 101 shows how to use letter stamps with air drying clay to make holiday decorations. 
3.String beads onto a pipe cleaner and adhere it to shell with glue gun to make a hanger. Caregivers may need to do this step if you have little ones. You can use liquid glue but it will take longer to dry and not be as strong as the hot glue.  I think the beaded hanger adds a special touch to the ornament, but it's not necessary.  You can attach a ribbon or string to the shell with glue.
4. Allow shell to dry. 

Miss E used her first initial on one ornament.

She was super excited to decorate a shell using one of her word wall words - YOU.  We painted the other shells to say, "I love you."

This shell is my Mommy craft since I usually create one of my own art pieces alongside Miss E when crafting.

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