Paper Scarecrow Craft

Friday, November 16, 2012

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Not ready for Christmas crafts? But need to keep your kids entertained during the Thanksgiving holiday. Create paper scarecrows.

Materials for Scarecrow Craft

  • construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • paper plate
  • butcher paper or paper grocery bag
  • water (Use only with bleeding tissue paper.)
  • bleeding tissue paper or colored tissue paper cut into small squares

How to Make a Paper Scarecrow

  • Cut out shapes from different colored construction paper for paper plate scarecrow head inspired by No Time for Flashcards.  Older children can cut out their own shapes for the scarecrow face.
  • Glue shapes onto paper plate.  
  • Cut out body from butcher paper or a paper grocery bag.
  • If using bleeding tissue paper, paint water over the butcher paper and cover in bleeding tissue paper.  Remove tissue paper when dry.
  • If using regular tissue paper, glue squares of tissue paper on butcher paper body to decorate clothes.  Leave tissue paper on since regular tissue paper doesn't dye.  
  • Allow tissue paper to dry.
  • Cut out strips of yellow construction paper for straw.  Older children can practice cutting skills by cutting the paper themselves.
  • Glue strips of yellow paper onto body.  
  • Glue or tape head on top of body.
This simple craft is a perfect Fall activity for your child.

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