Mud Pie Kitchen

Friday, September 27, 2013

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messy play

Usually, I don't do a lot to facilitate my kids' outdoor play.  My kids use the materials in our yard to create their own play.

Recently, they have been busy with what they call their kitchen or science experiments.  It's their self made mud pie kitchen.

The materials we have on hand are shovels, buckets, old containers from our kitchen, and recycled food storage containers.

I provide a bin of water, and they are free to dig up dirt. They gather sticks and rocks.

natural playground

We have an area of our yard that we never managed to find the time to landscape.  This is prime real estate for the kids.  It is where they make mud.  We live in a dry climate so they normally need to mix up their own batch of mud.

We set a limit that they aren't allowed to take the mud to the grass.  The edge of the porch has become their kitchen counter to whip up muddy creations.

outdoor play

This is the aftermath of playtime in their mud pie kitchen.  Super messy but worthwhile for the hours of enjoyment it provides my children.

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Love your outdoor space, what an amazing area for your children to enjoy.

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